Clever Firesafety Solutions that Elevate and Protect Your Property

In 2020, almost 400 cases of fire in the first 4 months of 2020 were recorded in Cambodia alone, resulting in 30 casualties. Incidents like these highlight the fact that many developers are still taking shortcuts at the cost of safety despite the existence of new national codes.

In late 2019 a new national fire safety systems code was introduced to the public with the intention of protecting properties and building occupants, which applies to new buildings as well as renovations and extensions of already established buildings. This is crucial given the continuous growth in new high-rise buildings as well as the tendency by property owners in Cambodia to extend existing properties, which without proper fire-safety designs, could also pose a risk to the safety of surrounding properties.

The general consensus by experts is that it’s within the developer’s interest to design safer buildings. After all, safer buildings lead to greater trust in developers, which means higher buyer and investor confidence. This is especially important given the steady increase in mid to high-rise buildings in the Kingdom.

While there are many common and more traditional ways to minimize fire damage through fire safety systems and fire-fighting equipment, there are also innovative and clever ways that developers and designers can adopt fire-management approaches that elevate the design and integrity of their property while reducing the casualty that could result from a high-rise fire.

For one – thoughtful building design paired with careful selection of quality materials can have a significant impact. An example is through greater attention to cladding and façade designs for buildings that incorporate discrete in-built fire protection systems.

Some turn to passive fire safety systems that can be hidden within the building design. One such design solution is provided by Siderise, which can be installed to protect the curtain wall as well as seal the building’s perimeters during a fire. This easy-to-install system prevents the passage of smoke and fire into other parts of the giving, allowing fire-fighting measures more time. It is quick to install and can be pre-cut to fit each building’s specific requirements.

From Siderise: Perimeter and fire stop booklet Version 1.8

Over the years, another material known as Alucobond, has played a big role in changing the face of architecture and building design with regards to aesthetic quality as well as safety in buildings.

Picture by Chipmong group, featuring the Chip Mong Sensok mall, Phnom Penh. This look is achieved using the Alucobond Plus, Customized pink

The aluminum composite material is known for its durability and its ability to withstand extreme weather changes between long bouts of harsh tropical heat and strong monsoons. This means that structures can endure wear and tear over the years, which makes it a more sustainable and eco-conscious choice.

A presentation of the types of Alucobond by Klatform

Having the right materials can heavily influence the way a building behaves during a fire. Tried and tested under European safety standards, both Alucobond and Siderise give builders and designers the flexibility and quality they need to design safe and good-looking buildings.

TK Central, a mixed commercial building by Parbury located in the heart of Toul Kork, Phnom Penh. This look is achieved with Alucobond Plus PE, Grey metallic
Forschungsmuseum Schöningen is a museum featuring the Paleolithic Age, Germany. This design is achieved with Alucobond Plus, NaturAL Reflex (From Alucobond webpage)
The Exo Apartment complex in Reston, VA United states. (From Alucobond webpage) This design is achieved with Alucobond Plus, Spectral Blue
A holiday home build by Ten Hove Architect, Erik ten Hove, Oost kapelle, Netherlands. Using the Alucobond Plus, Concrete mat (From the Alucobond webpage).

If you’re a developer, or business owner looking for ways to build safety into your property’s design, talk to us about our range of Alucobond and Siderise solutions and products on Klatform’s FB Page, or call us at 078 888 734.

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